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How to drink and still look gorgeous doing it? An age old question. These are some important rules to follow if you would like to have fun, look sexy and NOT make a fool of yourself.

1. Know Your Tolerance


This is important. If you’re like my mom you’ll be feeling tipsy after one lemon drop martini. If you’re like my boyfriend you won’t feel anything after four. Always drink at your own pace and be aware of how much you are drinking. I know how easy it is to go drink for drink with a friend if you aren’t paying attention – and that’s dangerous! Just because your friend can still talk and think clearly after another glass of wine doesn’t mean you can. Be aware!

2. Dress Appropriately

That's not good.

Plan your outfit to match the type of fun you are planning on having. If you are going to somewhere with a mechanical bull, don’t trust yourself not to ride it just because you decided to wear that cute new skirt. Tipsy you won’t care that you’re wearing a skirt, and tomorrow Facebook will surprise you with pictures of you riding the bull with your skirt around your waist – not a classy look. The point is, in that situation, WEAR JEANS! If you’re going to a pool party but think, “Oh, I won’t want to get in the water,” you’re making a mistake. Tipsy you may decide that the water looks fun after all and you’ll be going home in wet clothes. Wear your favorite bathing suit with a sexy sheer cover up instead.

3. Be Nice To Your Figure

I know from first hand experience how a few drinks can make you feel puffy and downright unattractive. It can be avoided! First of all this website is amazing. It’s called “Get Drunk, Not Fat” and it is wonderful for learning the calories of your favorite beverages. It’s awesome because it tells you the ratio of calories to alcohol (lower number the better) so you can accurately plan your night.

Another tip – avoid drunk snacking! It’s tough, but necessary. Whether you’re at a fancy party eating h’orderves or out for late night pizza after the bars, it’s not good. In addition to the calories you’re consuming from alcohol, you could add 600, 700, 800 + calories! After two nights of that you could gain up to a pound! If you are temped by friends eating those gooey nachos in front of you, try to find some type of fruit, vegetable or at least high protein meat to nosh on. Eating a chicken sandwich is much better than half a pizza!

4. Perform Upkeep

Make sure you check yourself in the mirror at least every few hours to make sure your wavy do’ hasn’t become a bird’s nest. In some cases, you’ll have a kind friend help out (My sister wipes the sweat off of her friend’s forehead because she tends to sweat A LOT), but if not make sure you’re paying attention. There’s nothing worse than thinking you look fine, then coming home to find out you spent the whole night with huge raccoon eyes. Some essentials – favorite lip gloss for shiny lip touch ups, gum or Listerine strips to get rid of your wine breath (although don’t mindlessly chomp gum, it’s gross), and an extra hair tie to get unruly or sweaty hair out of your face. Use bathroom tissue to blot away excess shine.

5. BE SMART AND SAFE                                                

This may be the most important rule of all. Plan a ride home or know who you are walking with. NEVER walk alone. NEVER NEVER drive yourself if you’ve been drinking. Not only is that not classy or sexy, it’s dumb. Hopefully, all of those tips go without saying, but still.

The smart thing to do is to never go home with someone you’ve just met. Yes, of course it is dangerous because he could totally be a serial killer, but also because you’ll probably end up doing something with him that you’ll regret. (actually, you definitely will.) If you do, know what you’re getting yourself into and be safe.

He'll be more likely to fall for you if he doesn't see you naked on the first date! By Alberto Vargas 1941

If you really want that guy to like you, don’t go home with him. Odds are he will want/think about you even more/call you for a date. If he doesn’t, would you really have wanted to go home with him in the first place?

In Conclusion

Finally, and most importantly, keep your wits about you! I shouldn’t have to tell you that stumbling, throwing up, fighting and crying are ALL side effects of not following my rules (especially #1) and are ALL not classy.



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