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Good big hair looks awesome. And when I say “good” I mean – not big because its really humid outside and your hair gets all poofy. You know. I mean big like it has bounce and movement while still keeping a shape – basically looks like the impossibly perfect shiny hair in hair commercials. Since I have long hair sometimes I need to work harder to keep my hair from falling flat.

Products I Love

Big Sexy Hair products are fantastic. Seriously, they do just what they say. My favorite one of their products is the Blow Dry Volumizing Gel. It’s great because its not sticky and it doesn’t have a harsh smell – hardly any in fact – so it won’t overshadow your pretty perfume or your luscious lotion.

Victoria’s Secret Volume Big & Full Root Lift Spray is a good choice as well.  It works just as well or better than the Big Sexy Hair Volumizer, but it can be a little sticky. If you have oily hair like I do, your hair feels a little dirty (especially if you use too much spray). It smells great though. Its definitely worth a try.

Herbal Essence’s Body Envy Mousse. All of the other products help in the Herbal Essence Body line are good, but this stuff really works wonders. I’m usually wary of using Mousse because my hair is finicky with it sometimes, but my mom bought this for me and I tried it. The trick with this is – a little goes a long way. Too much and your hair will look stringy.




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