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I do my own waxing. Usually when I tell someone that they look at me in horror. Self-waxing is a little tricky at first I must admit, but if you can master the skill its totally worth it!

I have very thick, dark hair so if I just shave, its visible in a day or so and feels prickly almost immediately. When I wax my legs are totally smooth for at least a month.

I’d like to tell you I bought some fancy wax heating machine, but I didn’t. Here’s my secret. I use Sally Hansen wax that I buy from my local CVS. I think its around $12 after tax. Think of how much money you can save! Waxing at a salon is upwards of $50!!!

The Prep

What You’ll Need: Sally Hansen All Over Waxing Kit, Newspaper, Baby Oil (Optional: aspirin or alcohol ;) )

- Let the hair on your legs grow out for around two weeks depending on how fast your hair grows, but not more than a quarter of an inch.

- Use an area that’s flat and gives you enough room to sit and stretch your legs out. You probably won’t need that much room, but its better to be safe.

- You need an old newspaper to lay down on the floor where you plan to do the waxing. Waxing can be a relatively messy process if you aren’t careful, and you wouldn’t want to ruin your floor.

- If you are worried about the pain you have two options. About 20 minutes before you wax either 1. Take two aspirin.  2. Take two shots. Both work equally as well numbing the pain, but I find that the alcohol makes the experience more fun (I wonder why!) If you do choose the alcohol route, make sure you know your tolerance. Drunk waxing would NOT be pretty. You just want to be buzzed.

- Take out the wax strips and leave them in your waxing area, then take the wax and a popsicle stick (to stir and apply the wax)  to the microwave. (Once the wax is hot you will want to start immediately.)

- Put a paper towel under the wax, just in case you spill later. Follow the directions for heating on the package – they advise not to heat over  1 minute. The wax is usually ready when it is a goopy, pea soup kind of consistency. If it is totally liquid, wait a little bit or else you might burn yourself.  Take your wax back to your waxing area..

The Nitty Gritty

- Apply the wax in the direction that the hair grows. Then, take a wax strip and press it down, smoothing it in the same direction that the hair grows. Make sure there’s enough room to grab at the bottom of the strip.

- Count in your head “One, Two, Three” and then yank off the strip AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Seriously, the quicker you pull the less it hurts. I learned that the hard way.

-Repeat until you have waxed both of your legs!

-If the wax starts to get too thick or is harder to apply, reheat it. When the wax is warmer the results are much better.

The Aftermath

Ok, so now that you’re done you probably have wax everywhere, this being your first time waxing. Never fear! You have the baby oil don’t you? Use it and rub it EVERYWHERE that you have any wax. For the time being it will make the sticky wax unsticky so you can shower. Once you’re in the shower just rub with soap/baby oil until the wax is all gone! Not only does the baby oil keep you from feeling all sticky and gross, it makes your skin all soft!

Make sure to cap up your excess wax before you throw it out – or keep it for another round.

TIP – If you are reusing wax, but are out of strips – you can use an old pillowcase or cheap fabric from a fabric store as strips. Just cut them up in whatever sizes you need!

Woohoo, now you have smooth, sexy legs just like me!

P.S. – I also wax my own bikini area too, but that’s a post for another day!

Have you ever done your own waxing? Any tips that I missed? Let me know!



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