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This is a tutorial for this super-cute rendition of a traditional bun. I tried it and P.S. IT WORKS and looks amazing. It is actually very easy also. Give it a try!

Things You’ll Need

  • Comb
  • Hair elastic
  • Hair pins
  • Hair ornaments


  1. Comb your hair carefully to eliminate any tangles or knots.
  2. Take some hair from the top of your head.

3.  Tie off this hair with a hair elastic.

4.  Don’t pull off the ends.

5.  Make your hair into a bun. Pin up any loose bits of hair with clips or pins.

6.  Separate the other hair in half.

7. Put the right half to the left and then wrap it around the bun, and fix it in place with hair pins.

8.   Do the same thing with the left half. Add a hair ornament for decoration.



For the full story go here.

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